Teen Connection

That's Classic
By Melissa Workman
The more time she spent with her favorite guy friend, the more the voice inside her said, "This is it." But when her guy friend didn't have the same feelings, this author turned to prayer to deal with friend zone frustration. Read...
From the Sentinel
By Liam Peschke
When this soccer player was hit with pain out of nowhere, it was hard for him not to feel frustrated about being sidelined. But as he became more focused on the spiritual lessons he was learning, instead of how long the healing was taking, he began making progress. Read...
Deep Dives
By Jenny Sawyer with Curt Wahlberg
Today, even though we’re more connected than ever, a lot of us still feel pretty lonely. Here’s how we can pray about loneliness—for ourselves and the world. Read...
By Judy Olson
Can you help bring healing to a situation, even if someone hasn’t specifically asked you to pray for them? Yes. Here’s how: Start by keeping your own thoughts close to God. Read...

Lives Lived Videos

Meet Heather. She was quickly healed of depression when she started to recognize a different view of her own worth, that a Christian Scientist shared with her.  

Meet Judy. She’d made an appointment with a doctor to remove a growth from her eyelid. But she was also praying as she had learned through Christian Science. Before it came time for the surgery, the growth had completely disappeared.  

Meet Danis. Within a few days of asking a Christian Science practitioner to pray with her, she was healed of chest pains. She’d caught a new view in thinking about herself in relation to God, which not only healed her condition but also helped her find comfort in other aspects of her life.  

Meet Rosemary. Within a day after being attacked by a dog, she was free of pain, and within another few days her wounds were totally healed -- the approach she chose for healing was prayer as taught in Christian Science.  


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